KASE began rapping at 15, a rhythmic progression from childhood tap dancing. His infectious rhymes are regularly heard on Bermuda radio and he is a staple on the local Bermuda music circuit. He is a founding member of the label Devil’s Isles Entertainment and performs with the band D.I.A. Among his most memorable performances is rapping alongside Ghostface Killah, performing with Bermudian legend, Heather Nova, and touring NYC & Toronto with Chewstick. He has a distinct Bermudian flare, and combines clever imagery and wordplay with thoughtful, inquisitive lyrics.


What people say

Kase, whose conscious rap song about the need to save the environment today, was in my opinion the stand-out performance of the night.

Nadia Aranjelovic, The Royal Gazette, article here

Rapper KASE was outstanding. Introduced as Bermuda’s top MC, he blew away the crowd and became more and more confident with each song he performed. His song Devil’s Isles needs to be written down in a book to document Bermuda, it’s history and how it is moving with the times. His ­appearance is all part of it with his mix of urban cool and geek but quite frankly, KASE could make cocoa and an early night ­seem cool.
Sarah Lagan, The Bermuda Sun, article here