Rowdy Piper


Rowdy Piper


Rowdy Piper, also known as R?ddla (or Roddy to his friends) is one of Bermuda’s most prolific hip hop talents. The MC currently performs with D.I.A. as male vocal lead and support vocalist. He specializes in verve and lyrical delivery to maximize audience and self satisfaction. A well-rounded artist, Roddy also enjoys acting, playing Troy in August Wilson’s Fences and was cast in a Bermuda-based production of Dream Girls.

Rowdy Piper’s talents were spotted by persuasive teachers who threw him into school talent shows. At age 10, his teacher, Dorothy Trott, gave him a day to write and perform his first rap. Seeing and feeling the surge of excitement from the crowd for the first time, a monster was created. Rowdy Piper has been devastating stages big and small ever since.

Roddy has more love for the stage than the studio and hasn’t released a solo project in over a decade. Recently he has made guest appearances on releases by K.A.S.E. (#MUG) and Derek G (Stealth Ninja Chronicles I and II).