De Stealth Ninja Chronicles II


De Stealth Ninja Chronicles II

  • Release date: 2012-12-24
  • Label: Devils Isles Entertainment


  1. Intro (Bump in the Night) Bento & K.A.S.E.

  2. Desert Oasis Stephan Johnstone & Rowdy Piper

  3. Out de Back (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  4. Hard Rock Dewhurtz, Rowdy Piper, & Imari

  5. Future Sorted Rowdy Piper ft. Dewhurtz

  6. I Just Wanna Rowdy Piper & Imari

  7. Free Night Imari ft. K.A.S.E.

  8. Menace Kweeb (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  9. Can't Fight the Feeling Dewhurtz ft. Imari & Jase Anthony

  10. Bermuda Day Imari ft. MC Jamin, K.A.S.E., & Amora Rose

  11. Where We Goin' (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  12. Standby Imari

  13. Imari (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  14. X27 Mizzle, MC Jamin, & Derek G.

  15. OG Stealf (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  16. Loquat Supersede LNK, K.A.S.E., Derek G., Flexx, Dewhurtz, Haz

  17. Chew (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  18. Paradise Gunfights Rowdy Piper

  19. Ransom Rowdy Piper, Kase, & Derek G.

  20. Calix's Bonfire (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  21. Purple Helium Stephan Johnstone, Yesha, & Canjelae

  22. (Bonus Track) Hard with the Kweeb Kweeboratus

Album Description

Back with a second installment of original Bermudian tunes, producer Derek G. Simmons has brought life back to Bermuda’s soundscape with De Stealth Ninja Chronicles II. A dynamic mix of genres that range from dubstep fusion, to hip hop, to soul, and a talented showcase of Bermuda’s best singers, rappers, and even spoken word poets, De Stealth Ninja Chronicles II is the latest album from Bermuda record label D.I.E. (Devils Isles Entertainment). Featured artists include Imari, Rowdy Piper, Dewhurtz, K.A.S.E., Stephan Johnstone, and more.

Album Reviews

Pure boast.

Charles Doyle