De Stealth Ninja Chronicles


De Stealth Ninja Chronicles

  • Release date: 2011-04-29
  • Label: Devils Isles Entertainment


  1. Stealth Ninja Intro Stealth Ninja

  2. Good ft K.A.S.E., Imari, & R?ddla

  3. Heads Will Roll King Somner ft. RJ

  4. Anti-Kweeb (Skit) Stealth Ninja

  5. Revenge of the Kweebs 2.0 Derek G. Ft. K.A.S.E & Imari

  6. Dangerous K.A.S.E

  7. Clap Your Hands K.A.S.E.

  8. Gombass intro Stealth Ninja

  9. We R Who We R K.A.S.E ft. Mizzle & MDM

  10. Reverse Psychology eMCee Squared

  11. Dat Yaga K.A.S.E. ft. Derek G, MDM, Q.D. Blessed, & Silent D.

  12. ukweli Haile Griot, Stephan Johnstone & Live Wires

  13. Enter Atlantic K.A.S.E. ft Aden Beats

Album Description

A mixtape produced by Derek G. a Bermudian unsigned producer/Bassist. Featuring a select of Bermuda talent. Combining original production, Bermudian artists and music that varies from dubstep to soul, De Stealth Ninja Chronicles is the first mixtape dropped in what is promising to be an exciting line-up from Bermudian record label D.I.E. Featuring artists such as Musson de Menace, Aden Beats, K.A.S.E., Imari, R?ddla, King Somner, Stephan Johnstone and more.

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