Haz the Human – Staying Local


Haz the Human – Staying Local

  • Release date: 2015-01-19
  • Label: Devils Isles Entertainment


  1. Rooftops Prod. by JRSwiftz

  2. Atlantic Antics Prod. by Duke Delgadoton III

  3. Room 405 Prod. by Cennsational/L. Francis

  4. FackImTapped Prod. by Derek G.

  5. M.A.W.I. ft. Esjay. Prod. by ChocBoyWondr

  6. Oh Ley Bowsh! Prod. by L. Francis

  7. Hungry Bay Prod. by L. Francis

  8. City Hall Cyph ft. Marvo, TY & J Tucka. Prod. by Thaao Dill

  9. Parishes ft. Eminence. Prod. by Duke Delgadoton III

  10. Horizons [Interlude] ft. Shine Hayward. Prod. by Cennsational

  11. Newstead (Oxycontin Panties) ft. Rosie Maé. Prod. by Weirddough

  12. Crystal Caves/Juniperus ft. Olivia Hamilton. Prod. by Derek G.

  13. Grotto Prod. by Derek G.

  14. The Causeway Prod. By L. Francis

  15. Bermudian Nightmare Prod. By Derrick Thomas Jr.

Album Description

The most recent drop from Haz the Human celebrating all that is local.