Tis the Season to be Kweebin

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Tis the Season to be Kweebin

Surprise!  Welcome to the new D.I.E. website!  This is a little present to my favourite group of local artists, so please bear with me as I continue to set up the site with lots of great content from this amazing record label based out of sunny Bermuda. I always felt like it was such a shame that such a talented group didn’t have a place to refer clients, musicians, and journalists to, and what kind of PR person would I be if I didn’t try to help them out?

The funny thing about trying to surprise a group of artists with a repository of information on them is that you start to seem a little creepy.  (So guys, this is why I have been bugging you for biographies, photos, and tracks.  I don’t have a secret D.I.E. shrine, and I am only stalking all of your gigs).  Lots of thanks and love to the multitalented Stephan of SJD World for hooking up the great logo (if you need something designed, this is your guy), and to Musson for drawing the awesome ambigram in the first place.  Love to Karriem of exist.multimedia for the 3-d logo rendering.  Thanks to everyone who’s photos I borrowed and apologies if you weren’t properly credited.  (Please contact me if you have a problem with a photo on the site, and I will certainly work with you to have it removed or properly credited.)

If any of you D.I.E. fans have suggestions for information I can include, please drop a comment on the site so that I can slowly add in things I’m missing.  I’m hoping to get backdated Discography info, more photos, more videos, and hopefully some written features from the artists themselves.  Plus, for nerds like me, lyrics!  I am that person at the show, singing the wrong words along… but singing with conviction!  Lyrics help me look cooler.  Stay tuned to get an upgrade on your street cred, too.

With that, I leave you with a little holiday ditty the talented K.A.S.E. hooked up last year with our friends over at BERMEMES.

– Carly

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